30 page Staff Handbook personalised to your organisation.  Can be downloaded as either a pdf or word document allowing you to print as many copies as required.  Please allow 24hrs for personalisation.

Staff Handbook

  • Introduction

    Contents Page

    Starting with (Your Company Name)

    • About the Company
    • Your induction
    • Statement of Employment Terms and Conditions
    • Our Relocation Policy
    • Probation Periods
    • Your Attendance at Work
    • Notification of Absence
    • Sickness Payments

    Hours of Work

    Flexible Working

    Criminal Records Checks

    Conflict of Interest

    Standards of Performance and Behaviour at Work

    • Appearance
    • Company Premises
    • Personal Property
    • Telephones & Correspondence
    • Smoking and Other Substances at Work
    • Confidentiality
    • Computer, email and Internet use
    • Receipt of Gifts
    • Bribery and other Corrupt Behaviour

    Data Protection and Access to Information

    Changes in Personal Information for Employment Purposes

    Trade Union Membership

    Valuing Diversity and Dignity at Work

    Valuing Diversity

    • Statement
    • Key Actions

    Dignity at Work

    • Statement
    • What and How of Harassment
    • What should I do if subject to Harassment?

    Pay, Benefits & Pensions

    Salary Arrangements


    Income Tax

    Business Travel

    Sickness Pay Provision

    • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) 
    • Occupational Sick Pay 

    Pension Scheme

    Leave Arrangements

    • Annual Leave
    • Maternity Leave and Pay Policy
    • Paternity Leave and Pay
    • Shared parental leave
    • Unpaid Parental Leave
    • Time Off For Dependants

    Health and Safety

    • Introduction
    • Procedure in the event of an accident
    • First Aid
    • Fire Safety
    • Personal Safety

    Training and Development

    Training and Development Policy**

    • Introduction
    • PDP - The Process


    • Notice Periods
    • Working Noticc
    • Other Conditions on Leaving
    • Retirement

    Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

    • Scope
    • Suspension
    • Counselling
    • Procedure for Formal Investigation
    • Warnings
    • Letter of Warnings
    • Appeals

    Grievance Procedures

    • Grievance Procedure -  Appendix 1
    • Grievance Procedure -  Appendix 2
    • Grievance Procedure -  Appendix 3


    Confirmation of Receipt of Handbook Form